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November Theme: Familiar Favorites!

These films are the cinematic equivalent of comfort food. You can return to them again and again. No matter how many times you watch them, you never get tired of them. Just like Thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t be complete without Grandma’s cornbread stuffing, your DVD collection would be incomplete without these beloved standards.

Our picks:

Bekki: Ok, here I’m going to unleash horror upon you all. I can’t help it.  I’ve seen this movie so many times, and love it with the fire of a thousand suns. Of course it makes me SUCH a girl, but here goes: Pride and Prejudice. (Yes. the 5 hr one)

Jenny: The Godfather

John: Okay, I’m no wuss…I see your two movies,  Bekki and Kelly…and raise you the three films of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Kelly: Dirty Dancing and Woman of the Year.  (I figure if Bekki can pick a five hour movie, I can have two.)  Dirty Dancing is such a huge part of my childhood, and Woman of the Year is the movie that made me fall in love with Katharine Hepburn.

Steve: Jurassic Park. I do watch this every time it comes on.


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