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Strangers on a Train

WOW. I hadn’t seen this before and basically all I knew was that it was the inspiration for the movie Throw Momma From the Train (which I had seen).  This movie is insane.

Guy is waiting to get a divorce from his wife so he can marry Anne.  He ends up on a train with a chatty guy named Bruno.  Bruno is one of those people who almost literally cannot stop talking, ever, and the conversation turns to murder.  Bruno has the best murder plot EVER: what if two guys met by mistake and agreed to commit each other’s murder for them? No motive, no way to get caught.  Guy wants Miriam (wife) dead and Bruno wants his father dead.  Perfect!  Guy humors him and Bruno takes that as agreement.  And next thing you know, Miriam is dead and Guy is still the number one suspect.

Bruno is completely insane.  He’s not a bad guy, really (not in the way that, say, Grace Kelly’s husband in Dial M For Murder is bad).  He’s just crazy.  And he is completely baffled at Guy’s hesitation in killing Bruno’s father.  IT’S YOUR TURN, GUY.

This is an incredibly fun (and suspenseful) movie but it’s definitely not on the same level as most of the other Hitchcock movies I’ve seen (but much better than Rope, I thought).


2 responses to “Strangers on a Train

  1. I will be watching this movie tonight I think. Now I’m looking forward to it even more. I had no idea it was the inspiration for Throw Mama from the Train.

  2. I’m looking forward to this one as well – I feel like the plot is very famous and has been used in multiple variations over the years. Will have to do some research to see if Hitchcock was the first. Hmm…

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