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The Torn Curtain

If you are a cutting edge physicist you will probably fall in love with a fairly intelligent woman.  Especially if that woman works on said physics project with you.

An intelligent woman isn’t going to buy vague and weak lies about a trip to Copenhagen.

Of course she is going to follow you when you say you’ve got to suddenly go for a while.  You shouldn’t be surprised when she shows up on the day you’re going to “defect” to East Germany.

Really, you should have known.

Silly Physicist. Tricks are for Kids.

Fun things about this movie?  Seeing Julie Andrews being scared, confused, and furiously trying to reconcile the man she loved with this man doing the unthinkable.

The farmhouse fight looked just like a fight between a physicist and an aging security officer and a quick thinking farm girl would look.  It wasn’t at all slick. It was messy and awkward.

The people on the bus, including the hausfrau that was freaking out, and the urgency with which the older woman was hustled on.

I loved the colorful Polish woman looking for her “sponsors”.

The narcissistic prima ballerina who rats them out multiple times.

Paul Newman’s oh-so-blue eyes.

This movie was full of the hallmark Hitchcockian bag of tricks.  Using rapid cutting back and forth to build suspense, myriad of near misses, nefarious actions happening that the viewer sees, but the characters do not, and an expressive, if a bit heavy-handed, score.  It all built a movie with a comfortable amount of misdirection, suspense, sleight-of-hand, trickery, and in the end, triumph.

I felt like I had seen this movie before, even though I’m pretty sure I haven’t.  Perhaps I’ve seen bits and pieces in the past. It was entertaining.  Going back to life under the Cold War was uncomfortably nostalgic.

The Torn Curtain, a solid kick off to Hitchcock madness and Flick Buddies.  Hopefully this weekend I’ll get two of the other three watched.


2 responses to “The Torn Curtain

  1. Like Marnie, I had never heard of Torn Curtain before Flick Buddies. It’s on it’s way from Netflix as I type! =)

  2. Kelly

    I can’t wait to watch it. 🙂

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