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The Flick Buddies theme for July is Hitchcock.  Steve chose Marnie.

I consider myself a bit of an Alfred Hitchcock fan, but I had never heard of Marnie before Steve selected it for Flick Buddies. However, the prospect of a young Sean Connery coupled with a “suspenseful sex mystery” had me primed for an enjoyable film-watching experience!

And I did have lots of fun watching this movie. But that’s mostly because I watched it with Kelly at her apartment.

I loved the opening scenes of this film. The image of ‘Tippi’ Hedren (single quotes at Hitchcock’s own insistence) walking along a train platform with a yellow clutch bulging with cash and black hair sticks with you. Scenes of packing and switching out Social Security cards follow. You’re hooked immediately.

I was enjoying the film a great deal, right up until Marnie’s mum makes an appearance. I’m not sure…

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