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This was a weird, weird movie.

It’s got Tippi Hedren as the Hitchcock Blonde (IMO, the best Hitchcock Blonde is Grace Kelly) and Sean Connery as the…well, there’s no term for that, is there? Dashing Man Who Cannot Be Trusted?

Anyway. So Tippi Hedren is the title character. Marnie is a thief who hates (a) the color red (b) men and (c) thunderstorms. She eventually goes to work for Sean Connery (with the intent of ripping him off, too). He is totally onto her and eventually blackmails her into marrying him. And then it gets even weirder.

This is not one of Hitchcock’s best films and frankly is made all the worse by Tippi’s mom’s Baltimore accent. (SERIOUSLY?! We don’t sound anything like that, hon!)


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