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Torn Curtain

Paul Newman is a scientist and defector to Germany (…or IS HE?!) and Julie Andrews is his fiancee who’s along for the ride. 

I hadn’t seen this before and was very happily surprised at how fun it is.  Although whenever I think of Julie Andrews, I think of Maria, of course, and she is sort of the anti-Maria here.

Paul Newman is young and impossibly gorgeous, and this is I think only the second movie of his I’ve seen (the other being Cool Hand Luke). 

I really enjoyed this film and I think it’s my favorite of the ones we’ve seen for Flick Buddies so far.  (Although since I have Rebecca and North by Northwest still to go, that is likely to change.)


One response to “Torn Curtain

  1. stevebetz

    I liked it, but I thought Newman and Andrews had ZERO chemistry. Post to come, I promise.

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