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North by Northwest

Heading into my first movie as part of Flick Buddies, I knew a few things about North By Northwest. Of course, there’s the iconic poster showing Carey Grant (who I always remember Ginger Grant gushing over on Gilligan’s Island) being chased by a crop duster. There’s Alfred Hitchcock and all that his name and reputation entails. Meanwhile, the OnDemand synopsis talked about how a case of mistaken identity sends Grant’s character on a cross-country chase.

And so, I expected North By Northwest to be a dark thriller, with a lot of chase scenes. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find the tone a lot lighter than I expected. In fact, far from being what I expected from a Hitchcock film, North By Northwest was a fun, engaging flick. But as much as Hitchcock is, rightfully, lauded as a first-rate director, I think it was Grant’s performance than made this film as enjoyable as it is.

As North by Northwest starts, we meet Roger Thornhill, a suave and charming New York ad man. Over drinks in a restaurant, he’s mistaken for a “George Kaplan” by the henchmen of a foreign agent named Phillip Vandamm (James Mason) who disappoints me by never pointing to himself and chanting “P-V-D”.

Despite the best efforts of Vandamm’s henchmen (led by Lawrence, played by Martin Landau), Thornhill manages to escape, and sets out to the United Nations to confront Lester Townsend, who he thinks masterminded the scheme. Things go from bad to worse when, not only is Townsend not the mastermind, but he’s killed and Thornhill is deemed the culprit.

And so, with becoming the subject of a massive manhunt and the real killers out to get him, Thornhill sets out to find Kaplan and clear his name. Along the way, he meets Eve Kendall (played by the very beautiful Eva Marie Saint) who helps hide him from the police and, as you might expect, along the way the two fall for each other.

Of course, nothing is ever as simple as simply travelling from Point A to Point B, and everything falling into place. Our beautiful Miss Kendall has a secret of her own, and Kaplan isn’t so easy to find, as a government agency, led by the Professor (Leo G. Carroll) ensures.

There’s a lot to like about North by Northwest. There’s a great element of mystery and thriller to it, for sure, but I like to describe it as a light-hearted adventure.

Grant, showing why he was one of the best and most charming actor of his time, plays Thornhill as a man who manages to keep his cool while trying to solve the crime and get the girl. (The romantic storyline between Thornhill and Kendall is very sweet to watch and you root for them to find happiness in each other’s arms by the time the credits roll.) His character isn’t necessarily an “everyman” thrust into an unusual situation, more like Mad Men meets Enemy of the State.

North By Northwest certainly didn’t meet my expectations, but it is all the better for that.

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One response to “North by Northwest

  1. This was a great pick – I’ve never seen it (I can hardly believe that I haven’t) and can’t wait to watch it!

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