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It was only a matter of time before I missed one of my self-imposed Sunday deadlines. But I’m sneaky and backdating this post!

The Flick Buddies theme for July is Hitchcock. Bekki chose Turn Curtain.

I liked this movie a lot. In many ways, Torn Curtain is Alfred Hitchcock at his best. It was twisty and suspenseful and more than a little fun.

Paul Newman is a gorgeous man, and I enjoyed his performance here. Especially since he appeared shirtless quite a few times. Yum! But Julie Andrews was the true revelation for me. I know her as Maria from The Sound of Music or as Mary Poppins. Maria and Mary Poppins do not say, “Hell,” and they definitely don’t roll around in bed with a man who is not their husband – one has to wonder how much rolling around in bed former nun Maria would…

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