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Flickbuddies: Marnie (1964)

Steve here:

Marnie (1964)

Marnie was my choice in Flickbuddies for August’s Alfred Hitchcock theme. I thought it would be a movie that many people hadn’t seen and I liked that it involved a man from Philadelphia (like me) and a woman from Baltimore (like Kelly and Jenny). In many ways, Marnie is sort of an odd movie. The title character (played by Tippi Hedren) is a con-artist-thief who is set to prey on successful businessman Mark Rutland (Sean Connery). She’s also sent into a panic by a) lightning, b) the color red, and c) being touched romantically by a man. So, naturally, Sean falls for her. I mean, who wouldn’t?


Things I liked most: I actually liked the scenes where Marnie is a thief, more than the ones in which Mark is trying to “figure her out”. I’m also totally on Team Lil. Lil was Connery’s sexpot sister-in-law who pretty much threw herself at him and always (rightfully) distrusted Marnie.

Things I liked least: Well, Rutland pretty much rapes Marnie on their honeymoon cruise, so there’s that. But he saves her when she tries to kill herself later, so there’s that.

Things that are still with me: Occasionally I will catch myself walking around trying to say the name Marnie like Connery,  “Maaaahhhhrrrrnneee-h…  Maaaahhhhrrrrnneee-h“


Grade: B-  Unlike some, I was not as offended my Marnie’s mom’s “Baltimore” accent and I liked all the performances, which I thought were pretty good given the somewhat stilted material.


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  1. stevebetz

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    Last month, amid a rapid-fire Twitter conversation, some friends and I decided to start an online movie club, Flick Buddies. The first month focused on Hitchcock films.

  2. Alright I need to see this one too. Especially since one of my close friends in highschool was Marnie. I wonder if this is where her mom got the name idea. Love Sean Connery

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