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North By Northwest

I kind of hate myself for not having seen this before.  This movie was AMAZING.

Cary Grant plays the typical Cary Grant character—suave and ridiculously good looking.  He is mistaken for someone else and his life goes downhill from there. 

During our discussion of Marnie, Jenny pointed out that relationships in Hitchcock movies start super fast.  I hadn’t noticed that before but that is incredibly true in this movie.  They meet and sparks fly and it’s basically HARDCORE LOVE.  Except that it’s ALSO a Hitchcock movie, so the lady’s got some secrets.  (I’m pretty sure that in every Hitchcock movie, someone has some secrets.  Or multiple someones.)

This movie is ridiculously fun and may have just surpassed Psycho as my favorite Hitchcock.  (My top three are this, Rear Window and Psycho…I guess the order doesn’t REALLY matter.)


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