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Rebecca (Bekki’s Review)

Hitchcock has a thing for tragic relationships eh?
Can someone answer a question for me…was Rebecca (as the story not the movie) meant to be a modernized twist on Jane Eyre? I had some serious Rochester vibes all over the place.

This was my first black and white Hitchcock, and, I’m ashamed to admit, my first ever Lawrence Olivier. I just recently saw My Week With Marilyn and so actually got to see someone playing Lawrence Olivier before ever seeing him act on screen. Branagh did a great job.

Mrs. Danvers.
She really was the linchpin of all of this. It wasn’t the ghost of the first Mrs. de Winter, it was the way Mrs. Danvers evoked her. That woman was really off her rocker. Actually most of the characters were.
The relationship between Maxim and the young Mrs. de Winter was quite telling. He liked her almost as a child, and never empowered her to become what she should have been. She worked so hard to keep him happy, but had none of the tools she needed.
I also come back to what I often yell at the screen when I’m watching movies. “You could have prevented so much of this nonsense if you had JUST TOLD EACH OTHER THE TRUTH!”
The young wife needed to just tell him how out of her depth she was, and ask him to stop treating her like a child, and Maxim needed to get his head out of his ass and tell her what happened with his ex and fire that horrid housekeeper.
Other than that, I loved this movie. I thought Joan Fontaine was just lovely. Precious and earnest. I liked her, despite her complete lack of backbone.
Olivier was also pretty interesting. I sympathized with him a lot. Even though I never would have married him, I didn’t wish him harm.
Danny on the other hand. She was just twisted. She loved, in the weirdest sort of way, Rebecca. I have yet to figure out why anyone did. Apparently Rebecca was the coldest of cruel women. Nice. My namesake is a complete and utter bitch. Hitchcock really likes those twisted women, doesn’t he?


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  1. stevebetz

    In my review, I also went off on the fact that they could have saved themselves a WHOLE lot of grief by just talking to one another!

    I really enjoyed this movie and while I didn’t think it while I was watching it, I completely get your Jane Eyre vibe.

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