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Contact was Steve’s pick for Literary Adaptations month.  I had seen it before, but not since I saw it in the theater (which was, what, almost 20 years ago?)

I remembered liking it, but I didn’t remember much about it.  Imagine my supreme delight to remember that it was a dead dad movie.  (Thanks for that, Steve.)

There are so many facets to this movie—science vs. religion, the similar argument of logic vs. faith, the question of whether or not we’re alone in the universe—but really? Dead dad movie.

In terms of cinematography, Contact has completely gorgeous scenes.  (It reminded me of Tree of Life, actually, in that some of the scenes are just absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.)  And the acting is top-notch.  (Obviously, since Jodie Foster carries the movie.  But Jena Malone, who plays the younger version of Foster’s character Ellie, is also very good.  There’s also Matthew McConaughey, James Woods, Tom Skerritt, Angela Bassett and, God love him, Bill Clinton as “the president.”)

This is an incredibly good movie, one that has flown under a lot of radars.  I haven’t read the book that the movie is based on (and probably am not going to) but the movie is definitely worth watching.


2 responses to “Contact

  1. stevebetz

    I’m glad you liked it! (Again.)

    I think it’s a great movie (sorry about the dead dad thing) and I’ve got most of my review in my head and will compare to the book a little. Like Jaws, I think it’s one of those rare films that out-performs its original material.

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