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Bekki Jaw’s about Jaws

And yet another cringe-worthy admission:  Up until this very moment, I have never seen Jaws. 

*ducks and covers*

This is quite the iconic movie, and it had it’s moments.  It was great to see the origin of some of pop cultures great moments “That’s some bad hat Harry” and “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”  to name a few. 
Yet, for all that I’d never seen the movie before, I knew what was about to happen, and who was about to get chomped. 

This movie was So. Very. Predictable.

That being said.  I thought Spielberg did a great job building suspense, and keeping you on the edge of your seat.

And to close, a word of warning:  When a huge, angry shark-puppet is eating your boat, that is not the time to destroy your radio in a fit of pique. I’m just saying. That might contribute to your ultimate demise. 


3 responses to “Bekki Jaw’s about Jaws

  1. stevebetz

    I can’t imagine having to watch this movie for the first time. One of the things that’s so amazing is when you think about how much this film single-handedly has defined the summer blockbuster for > 30 years now.

    • Kelly

      I think another thing is that it’s been parodied and copied so many times that you may feel that it’s the imitation if you end up seeing Jaws last.

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