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Bekki on North by Northwest

[apparently this never posted originally.  I do apologize for the lateness.  I did write it back in the day]

There are two iconic Hitchcock movies that I had not seen before Flickbuddies.  The Birds (still unseen) and North by Northwest.  What a fun movie?  Cary Grant is so delightful, and the rest of the cast is dutifully creepy/sinister/funny/mysterious. Surprisingly the iconic moments, like that plane coming after Grant in the field, was eclipsed for me by the rest of the story.  I thought it was good, but not the most taut moment.  I really liked all the scenes in the house on the rock.  Classic Hitchcock missed connections, and breathtaking timing.

This movie had a myriad of things that caught my attention. For instance.  A large part of this movie takes place in my neck of the woods.

Michigan City, Niles, Dowagiac, Kalamazoo. Did you hear that folks?  That train literally goes right past my back door.

I also very much enjoyed Cary Grant’s smooth talking character.  Although when he was in the Chicago Hotel room in just his boxers, and was using the phone, his leg crossing was about the most effeminate I’ve seen in a very long time. I loved that the more angry he got, the more suave his conversation became. So very fun.

This was the first of our series where I actually saw the Hitchcock Cameo, in the opening sequence when the bus closed in his face.

Eva Marie Saint and her character are by far my favorites so far in this series.

I liked this movie a lot. It was well worth the hype.


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